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Professional experience

CJSC «Pharmaceutical Company EKOMIR», Moscow, Russia. Chief Scientific Officer (2009-present)
Specialization: pharmaceutical and biotechnological products

LLC «LEOVIT nutrio», Moscow, Russia. Chief Scientific Officer (2008-2009)
Specialization: dietic (therapeutic and prophylactic) nutrition products for people working in harmful labor conditions

NIZAR-A Laboratory, Moscow, Russia. Deputy director of science (2004–2008)
Specialization: nanoemulsions, multiple emulsions, transepidermal delivery systems

Mechanical Engineering Research Institute RAS, Moscow, Russia. Investigations of Biomechanical Systems Laboratory. Senior research scientist (2003–2006).
Specialization:  cell biomechanics, biomechanics of cardiovascular system

Scientific center of USSR Ministry of Defense in zone of Chernobyl accident, Chernobyl, Ukraine. Junior research scientist (1987–1988)
Specialization: radiology, ecology.

CSRTI of RF MD, Russia. Head of Research Division (1981–2003).
Specialization: toxicology, molecular mechanisms of action of biologically active substances, prognosis of susceptibility to biologically active substances.

Institute for Information Transmission Problems RAS, Moscow, Russia. Transmission of Information on Cell and Molecular Levels Laboratory Graduate student (1977–1981).
Specialization: cell biomechanics and locomotion.

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